Building a house from the foundation up is an excellent way to build your dream home. The obvious benefit of creating your own new home is that you can design and build anything you dream of. Everything is brand new as opposed to buying an older home where you may have to fix or renovate the space.

Custom-building tends to have to come with a higher price tag. We can help you get the best value for your space. Energy efficiency, design for resale value, and the low maintenance that accompanies having everything brand new.

Is it Cheaper to Build Youdr Home New?

It’s hard to say. Building your own home has a lot of benefits, but the cost usually isn’t the top reason people look to build their own home. The average cost to build a 2800 sqft home was $153 per square foot in a 2017 study. The average cost to buy the same was $110. However, it’s hard to compare apples to apples.

Benefits of New Home Building

Energy Savings – New fixtures, appliances, windows, insulation, building methods, and planning all save you money on your utilities. Old homes tend to have so much added energy costs.

Personalization – You’re going to have total control of the design, flow and style of everything. You’re in the driver’s seat. You can litterally design and build any type of home you can imagine.

Spend Money Where it Counts – You can choose where to spend your money. If you want to put lower cost into some portions like flooring and fixtures and add something intersting like giant windows and glass doors.

Maintanance – Since everything is brand new. There’s a much lower chance that you’ll run into issues and if you do. You may have a warranty anyway.

It’s So New – It’s so you. Nothing beats new. It’s your creation and today’s building methods are more solid then ever. Everything is built to last.

The Process of New Home Building

Location – Purchase land. Talk with a real estate agent. There are some who specialize in land buying. We have real estate resources we can direct you to as well.

Alternatively, you may be building a second home on an existing property.

Plan Design – You will work with an architect to design your plans. You can also search and view all types of existing home plans. You can save a good portion by having a solid idea of what you’re looking for already. The architect is billed hourly to design your property.

Build a Home Timeframe

A recent study put the average custom home build at 8.9 months. These are homes built custom by homeowners for themselves. If you’re a developer who’s building a production home. Your average is 6.1 months.

Pre-construction, Environmental and Permitting

Before building your home there’s a lot of land preparation. Surveys such as environmental and topography will be required.

Scheduling and Project Management Varies

Contractors must work in coordination with each other. A plumber may have to wait on a mason or work with an electrician. Each of these sub-specialties has their own timeframes which are then put together to build your home.

Supplies and construction styles may also change the timeframe. Some styles are quick to build and some take longer. Supplies may take longer to install or may be absolutely quick to put down.

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