Matterport Advantage 

Our 3D data platform is the most powerful, accurate, and quickest way to document a building or property. With our camera, you can capture anything from small to large spaces — both inside and outside — with the highest level of detail.

Your 3D scan will be viewable online at any time. You can visit your virtual home at any time. If, for example, you’re picking out new cabinets. You can use the instant measurement tool to get the measurements you need in real-time.

If you’re renting or selling your home your scan will be viewable and uploadable to sites like Zillow or linkable from any email or website. 

You could even be at Walmart and reference on your phone to see if pillows match the blankets on sale. It’s very versatile and useful. 

Experience how Matterport’s 3D technology is changing architecture, engineering, and construction. Click the images below.

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Create Accurate Floorplans – Quick Modifications

What’s the Process

We have our crew come to your location and shoot the entire property in 1-2 days. We utilize the measurement data with 1% tolerance accuracy to generate a floorplan and do some slight modifications so that it’s viewable by an average client or an average homeowner. This takes 2-5 days depending on complexity. 
From there we can modify your floorplan as needed or we can pass this information on to architects, draftsmen, engineers or subcontractors for pricing. 


Initial Scan 1-2 Days. $385
Initial Floorplan Creation  2-5 days. $150
Floorplan Modifications $85/hr
Online Viewable $4.99/mo

Note: Stop the 4.99/mo at any time and your project moves to archive where its stored and can be accessed by paying 4.99/mo again at any time. 

Kitchens & baths 2-3 hrs
Wall rearrangements 1-2 hrs
A 3 floorplan variation by our team 5-8 hrs
Demolition Floorplan (Existing+Proposed) for Permit Submission 3-6 hrs